mary mary quite contrary... week 5

Our little garden is growing and all the plants have blossoms..thank you bees! It has been really warm here the past few weeks, after a beautiful Spring, I guesse I shouldn't be suprised, but by late afternoon some days the plants are getting a little droopy. No worries, everything perks up as soon as it cools off.

We did have a little drama as we were weeding and checking on the progress a few days ago. I brought my little Bischon with me (I thought maybe a photo op of her looking cute in the garden) Instead she got dog-napped! She was in the front yard doing some inportant business and an older man drove by and though she looked lost? he put her in his car and drove home. Fortunately for us she started to bark and we found her a few hours later not far from my mom's house.
 Strange but true! All is well, let's hope for a drama free garden week!

For some garden eye candy check this out.

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