Hello LOVE....Tennis anyone?

vintage tennis rackets

Have you ever wanted to do something but as time passed you talked yourself out of it? Maybe you wanted to learn to play a sport that you had never played, or bake really amazing artisan bread, or even go back to school to learn a skill that would benefit not only you, but others?
This is where tennis was for me. For years I lived in a place that had virtually no courts. There were a few private courts where lessons and court time was so expensive I had to sell my first-born to afford it. (not really, although the thought did occur.....) We moved to a new city a few years ago, and the first thing I did was start playing tennis again. Technically it wasn't NEW to me. I had played for fun in high school, but mostly with friends and we never kept score. I didn't even own my own racket.  I highly recommend it! Some days I think "what am I doing" I'm not even very good, But I am a hard worker and the more time I devote to practice, the better I am becoming! In my mind anyway!
I challenge you....learn something new, you never know you might LOVE it!


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