welcome to my brand new blog. I have designed and posted and taken pictures for months (maybe longer)....in my imagination. I think I felt a little intimidated by all of the amazing blogs out there. I am not a brilliant photographer (like my sister-in-law Sara), nor do I have an advanced degree in journalism, I am ME! I promise to keep it real, Even if that means leaving the mess of dishes in the background of a picture or writing from the heart.

A little bit about me; I am a mom of three teenagers (enough to drive anyone mad) I love animals and gardening. In a perfect world, I would spend my days baking, sewing, and throwing amazing parties all with vintage supplies. Alas, most of my time is taken up with laundry, cleaning, errands and mothering. I have a great and supportive and handsome husband on my journey that reminds me when life gets crazy....listen to Jimmy Buffet!
Welcome to my world....

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