mary mary quite contrary...

We started with grow boxes full of hopes and dreams of fresh salsa, cauliflower mash, and enough heirloom tomatoes for caprese salad...okay and some very FRESH horse manure that Cooper and I mixed in to perfection. If you have never planted a garden by committee, I highly recommend it. Especially If your "right hand man" really is a handsome man (child) gasp! Is he really almost 16 ?! The garden is being tended and watered very lovingly by my mom and her husband, Bob. I visit as much as possible. But when I can't, I get almost daily updates. I think the best part of our Family Garden is that we all share in the work and we all will benefit from the fresh and juicy veggies
 (I hope). 

Planting Day



  1. Hi Heather, what a lovely garden you have. Good luck with your harvest and your brand new blog.

    Looking forward to seeing you around BYW class.

    (P.S. Beautiful family photo in your earlier post too)

    Take care,


    1. Thank you Lisa for your kind words! I am loving the BYW class