American made...

I am always on the hunt for vintage props to use when I style a party. I came across this gem a few weeks ago at an antique store. I was back-to-school shopping and frankly, couldn't justify a ME purchase, but I couldn't stop thinking about HER...So I went back today and she was still there, peely paint and all. After I brought her home I looked up the history of the company (printed on the front). I was even more excited when I found out that Penn Scale Manufacturing Company is still in business. They have been in business since 1923 and still manufacture scales.They are located in Philadelphia, PA. I love a great vintage find, but a good story about an American made product is even better!

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mary mary quite contrary...the harvest

Best tomatoes EVER! (don't mind the water spots,I had just watered before I picked a few of these lovelies) We are eating the fruits of our labor..literally every day now and loving it. It reminds me of the story of the Little Red Hen. I think I identify with it because even as a child I know that I was a hard worker....I love the message that If we work together we will reap the benefits.

Enjoy the fruits of your labors whatever they may be...

Is it really over?

Is the Summer really over?? Say it isn't so...I have been a bit absent this week enjoying the last few late nights with the kids,new kitten (don't they smell scrumptious?!), school shopping and back to routine craziness... here are a few instagram images of it all...

What is your favorite end of summer tradition?

{a visit to the} DIY Blogger House

 I finally made it the DIY Blogger house at the Salt Lake Parade of Homes last week. I wasn't sure what to expect, although I had seen a few pictures online of the design. I have to say I was impressed! These women are amazing. The designs and DIY projects throughout the home were very cohesive. I can't imagine that was easy considering the amount of people involved.(Brian Clark, the designer,Bangerter homes, the builder, and 5 bloggers!) Here are a few highlights:
The office is largely made up of DIY projects and thrift store re purposing...could you just die for the chandelier?!

The Living room is beautiful in soft greens and beachy blues. The highlight is the MDF grid ceiling

beautiful Family Tree

Love the barn door to the mudroom

You can see more of the girls from the Super Star Blogger Team here,here,here,here and here
Thanks for sharing your talents!

10 LBS of pure style

My Instyle magazine arrived today. I literally almost needed a muscle man to carry it in the house and up the stairs. It must weigh 10 lbs. I think I might keep it by my bedside in case I need any sort of weapon, for an intruder, not for someone that lives in my house of course! I'm not exaggerating when I say that all I can think about is curling up on the sofa with a cupcake, a diet coke and my beloved Instyle. But, alas there are pencils to buy and back to school errands to run...maybe tomorrow my love...

inspired by London

Okay I will admit I have been hesitant to post anything about the Olympics/London inspired paraphernalia/my love of the Union Jack, for various reasons which are really sort of dumb...but true. Firstly, I like Winter Olympics better than Summer. I feel like I have a right to because we attended almost every event during the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics and we could see the ski jump from our kitchen window. Our kids had the entire month of February off of school and it was almost a crime not to enjoy all the craziness! It was an amazing experience...I highly recommend having an Olympic Games in your home town, If you can swing it! Secondly ,I feel like a traitor to my country because I like THEIR flag almost as much as ours...Do you want to throw tea on me? It is just sooo cool. I resisted for months buying or making anything Union Jack related, but Anthropologie knocked it out of the park on this one...Artist Becky Oldfield uses vintage flags to create art that is beautiful no matter which side your ancestors fought for in the Revolutionary war. Happy Olympics!

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mary mary quite contrary...week 10-11

Happy August! It has been hot and sultry around here for weeks (months really) which is a little strange for Utah. We usually have monsoons this time of year and we haven't had much to speak of. The end result is our little garden is stressed. Okay and maybe the mom is a little stressed too! Back to school/back to reality is looming and I don't think any of my chicks are ready for the summer to be over. I will welcome a little cooling off though, and so will the tomatoes. I harvested my first tomatoes last night, along with a glorious bunch of basil. THAT we don't have a shortage of. The green bell peppers are just about ready to be picked and enjoyed as well as the the cabbage (and used for fish tacos maybe?) The cucumbers and red peppers are off to a slow start but fingers crossed they will be ready soon too. And we have lots of herbs. Still waiting on the squash in all it's variety. A little rain and maybe this week we will start to enjoy the bounteous harvest that we have all been dreaming of!

The old window frames I picked up a few weeks ago are doing their job..and looking cute at the same time. It's hard to have perfectly peely paint and hold-up squash at the same time.

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maxi and a metro map

too many fires,not enough crisp fall days where are you?

stripey maxi skirt here//paris metro map iphone case here.

Hello Seattle

Here are a few Instagram pictures from my girls trip to Seattle. My sister-in-law hosted us..thanks Sara! My daughter turned 13 in June and I decided along time ago that when she was old enough I would take her on a girl's trip every year. This was our inaugural trip and I can hardly wait until next year. We ate ourselves sick at Pike's Market, went to Trader Joe's at least three times ( love that store). We took a boat out to see the Killer Whales...ahem Orcas, but they were too shy. Had an amazing lunch in Friday harbor and stayed in a condo on the waterfront where we could saw the most amazing sunsets and homeless. We did a little vintage shopping and enjoyed the Seattle aquarium. The weather was sunny and hot, just the way I like it. If you haven't been I highly recommend it.

Vintage tags...DIY tutorial

It's no secret that I love all things vintage. After scouring the local vintage-consignment-thrift stores, I put together a tutorial to make use of all the treasures I have found lately. The sky's the limit when it comes to making hand made cards and tags, but here is my twist. I am a sucker lately for old games and cards. If it looks a bit yellowed, all the better! The best places I have found for vintage games, cards and craft supplies is my local thrift store. I admit that I do not take the time to shop yard sales, but If you can find what you are looking for the prices are usually great. I have had a bit of luck at vintage and antique stores, however, the prices are usually quite a bit more. I found some paper doilies from the 70's...lovely, but they were $4.00 for about 10-15. A little steep If you are crafting with them. Good Luck and Happy Hunting! 

Supplies needed:
craft glue, or hot glue gun.
washi tape.
vintage greeting cards,tags,doilies,playing cards,game pieces and game boards.
card stock or pre-cut tags or cards.
pages from old books (the older the better...just don't cut up anything too valuable!)

Don't be afraid to glue game pieces and playing cards to your homemade tag. If it becomes too heavy, just reinforce the back with a coordinating piece of card stock.

Step 1: glue doily to precut card stock or tag.

Step 2: trim doily to fit card, just flush with the sides and bottom.

Step 3: glue game pieces or trims to doily.

Step 4: add card or card stock for your personal message. Let dry and it is ready to give!

   For this card I used a vintage greeting card I found at the antique store and embellished it with vintage doilies and washi tape for a retro meets modern look. You can write your message on the front or on the back!

Here is another tag using vintage game pieces

Hope this inspires you!

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