inspired by London

Okay I will admit I have been hesitant to post anything about the Olympics/London inspired paraphernalia/my love of the Union Jack, for various reasons which are really sort of dumb...but true. Firstly, I like Winter Olympics better than Summer. I feel like I have a right to because we attended almost every event during the Salt Lake 2002 Olympics and we could see the ski jump from our kitchen window. Our kids had the entire month of February off of school and it was almost a crime not to enjoy all the craziness! It was an amazing experience...I highly recommend having an Olympic Games in your home town, If you can swing it! Secondly ,I feel like a traitor to my country because I like THEIR flag almost as much as ours...Do you want to throw tea on me? It is just sooo cool. I resisted for months buying or making anything Union Jack related, but Anthropologie knocked it out of the park on this one...Artist Becky Oldfield uses vintage flags to create art that is beautiful no matter which side your ancestors fought for in the Revolutionary war. Happy Olympics!

                                                     Art here.

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