mary mary quite contrary...week 10-11

Happy August! It has been hot and sultry around here for weeks (months really) which is a little strange for Utah. We usually have monsoons this time of year and we haven't had much to speak of. The end result is our little garden is stressed. Okay and maybe the mom is a little stressed too! Back to school/back to reality is looming and I don't think any of my chicks are ready for the summer to be over. I will welcome a little cooling off though, and so will the tomatoes. I harvested my first tomatoes last night, along with a glorious bunch of basil. THAT we don't have a shortage of. The green bell peppers are just about ready to be picked and enjoyed as well as the the cabbage (and used for fish tacos maybe?) The cucumbers and red peppers are off to a slow start but fingers crossed they will be ready soon too. And we have lots of herbs. Still waiting on the squash in all it's variety. A little rain and maybe this week we will start to enjoy the bounteous harvest that we have all been dreaming of!

The old window frames I picked up a few weeks ago are doing their job..and looking cute at the same time. It's hard to have perfectly peely paint and hold-up squash at the same time.

come see me over here for wow us wednesdays!

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