Vintage tags...DIY tutorial

It's no secret that I love all things vintage. After scouring the local vintage-consignment-thrift stores, I put together a tutorial to make use of all the treasures I have found lately. The sky's the limit when it comes to making hand made cards and tags, but here is my twist. I am a sucker lately for old games and cards. If it looks a bit yellowed, all the better! The best places I have found for vintage games, cards and craft supplies is my local thrift store. I admit that I do not take the time to shop yard sales, but If you can find what you are looking for the prices are usually great. I have had a bit of luck at vintage and antique stores, however, the prices are usually quite a bit more. I found some paper doilies from the 70's...lovely, but they were $4.00 for about 10-15. A little steep If you are crafting with them. Good Luck and Happy Hunting! 

Supplies needed:
craft glue, or hot glue gun.
washi tape.
vintage greeting cards,tags,doilies,playing cards,game pieces and game boards.
card stock or pre-cut tags or cards.
pages from old books (the older the better...just don't cut up anything too valuable!)

Don't be afraid to glue game pieces and playing cards to your homemade tag. If it becomes too heavy, just reinforce the back with a coordinating piece of card stock.

Step 1: glue doily to precut card stock or tag.

Step 2: trim doily to fit card, just flush with the sides and bottom.

Step 3: glue game pieces or trims to doily.

Step 4: add card or card stock for your personal message. Let dry and it is ready to give!

   For this card I used a vintage greeting card I found at the antique store and embellished it with vintage doilies and washi tape for a retro meets modern look. You can write your message on the front or on the back!

Here is another tag using vintage game pieces

Hope this inspires you!

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  1. These are so sweet! I have loved vintage graphics since I was a kid. I must've been born in the wrong decade!

  2. Hello fellow Californian! I like your ideas, thank you for the post.

    Popped in from Wow Us Wednesday ~