I Love Chevron...D.I.Y tutorial

I don't mean the gas station. Although, when we moved to our current neighborhood about three years ago, I noticed that the Chevron station did have the closest Diet Coke fountain drinks...the love of my life.
This is really about Chevron stripes. I love them, on fabric, on wallpaper, on cell phone covers....
                                           I was inspired by this tutorial.
 And the way the morning light hits my wall in the family room. Maybe I am just seeing stripes everywhere!

Don't judge, these were quick photos I took with my iphone..they capture the moment, not so much my talent as a photographer.

Here's what you need:

an ugly photograph or painting from the thrift store (or you could use a cute one!) your choice.

blue painters tape (or masking tape), scissors

begin by taping stripes on your picture, remember that the image that is taped is what will show through.

cover your surface with newspaper. paint a few coats (depending on the color) I used a mustard yellow gaze over the entire image. Be careful not to let any seep under the tape.

                               this is what it will look like after one coat of paint.

I decided after putting it all back together that the frame was HIDEOUS, so I taped off and sprayed the frame with silver metallic spray paint to give it a more industrial meets vintage meets granny chic....what do you think?
            The entire project cost me about $7.00 and that was just because I bought the painters tape.

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