mary mary quite contrary....week 7-9

Have you ever noticed how when you want something to grow and you watch it and baby it along it grows at a snails pace? ya that didn't happen this time...we went on vacation and came home to an explosion (the good kind) in the garden. I intended to stake everything vertically to save on space and let's be honest who doesn't want to look taller and thinner? My plan mostly worked, except for a few wrinkles, and by wrinkles I mean a certain heirloom tomato plant.
old window frames

 I couldn't quite find what I wanted at Home Depot, So I checked the junk area of one of my favorite vintage/consignment store and found some old window frames. I popped out the glass and scraped off the old paint. These are being used to "stake" the squash.

 I use geen twist ties that I found at my garden center. I also am experimenting with garden velcro.... crazy but true! It is made to be reused, but my guesse is I won't try to after everything dies back and is cleaned out for the season I will just toss it. It seems to work and I really like it for keeping the squash in line. Maybe I should velcro my kids to keep them in line?

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