pepperoni bread

Whenever we travel with the kids I always take treats and snacks. I have found that over the years, as little ones become BIG ones that a bag of goldfish doesn't quite fill them up. So, I took a cue from my aunt who had 5 teenage boys that she travelled with and started bringing  a few loaves of Pepperoni Bread. This recipe has become a staple for road trips. I also started a tradition a few years ago and I make a few loaves the day before school starts in the fall so that the kids have a little something special for the first day of school.

Recipe for Pepperoni Bread:

2 loaves of frozen bread dough thawed
1 1/2 cups mozzarella cheese
2 cups pepperoni (pre-sliced)
2 egg whites for "wash"

thaw bread dough overnight in the refrigerator or thaw on the counter for a few hrs. When it is cold, but not frozen, roll it out about 1/2 inch thick. Sprinkle the cheese and then pepperoni in the center. separate the egg white from the yolk and lightly beat the egg white. Use this as the glue on the edges. With a pastry brush, brush on the egg whites to seal the edges of the rolled up loaf and then brush the top. This will give it a nice golden brown crust. Let the loaves rise for 2 hours. Bake at 350 for 25-30 minutes. Let cool before you slice. Serve with marinara sauce or Pizza sauce. Refrigerate leftovers (we never have any!)


  1. This is easily one of my favorite travel snacks. It is filling and absolutely delicious either warm or cold. Thanks for sharing this great idea.

  2. Thanks! Next time I will make enough for all the cousins