skinny jeans tutorial D.I.Y.

Here is my tutorial to make any wide leg jeans into skinnies. This is a very easy and quick tutorial. If you are a beginning sewer, this project is for you! You will need a pair of skinny jeans that fit the way you want to use as your guide.

I used some black wide leg corduroy pants, but this tutorial would work for any denim or twill pants.

                   Line up your skinnies that fit perfect, use these as your guide.

I used a chaco liner that I found at my quilt shop. I have to say that after using it for this project I AM IN LOVE...and a little embarrassed that I didn't own one until now. If you can't find it in your area, try here. It has very tiny prong/teeth things that roll along the fabric and leave a fine white line that easily washes out. (although at this point you should have turned your jeans/pants inside out). Follow the line on your sewing machine and voila! skinny jeans!!
*You might want to use a "Jean" needle rather than a "universal" needle on your machine. If you haven't used these before, just ask the ladies at the fabric store and they will help you!

At this point you can cut off the excess fabric. Cut within about 1/2 inch of the seam.

          I like to press open my seams for a nice finish before I turn it right side out. Then turn them right side out and press the seam again. You are finished....ENJOY!

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  1. how great! so clever. Teri

  2. Did you take them in on the inner or outer leg seam?

  3. Hi I just took them in at the inner leg seam.