Molly Ringwald

Am I dating myself when I say that Pretty in Pink along with 16 Candles defined my teenage years? I love this dress Molly Ringwald's character made...truly a D.I.Y. moment...
Martha Stewart Living magazine recently published a short essay written by Molly Ringwald about her love of gardening. I think it was written just for teen idol and gardening? A match made in heaven.

In the essay entitled "A Garden Grows Up", she shares her heartache over losing a pregnancy and how she found solace in her New York City rooftop garden. In her words;

Then, nearly six months later,
the unthinkable happened:
I lost the baby. I found almost
nothing to fill the emptiness—
no books, no films, no theater, no
people. It was a very solitary
sadness. To my surprise, the one
thing that did make me feel a
little better was venturing up to
the roof alone and putting my
hands in the soil.
And so I set about rebuilding
the garden myself. I hauled
bags of dirt up the six flights of
stairs, stripped the trellises,
and painted them chartreuse.
When it came time to plant, I
couldn’t settle on a color scheme,
so I chose all of them. I planted
pink fringed tulips that resembled
little girls’ dresses and a
large maple tree with kelly green
leaves and coral bark. Perhaps
inspired by her new surroundings,
the peach tree made a
miraculous recovery, producing
enough fruit for one whole pie!
My garden became a destination
for many of my friends,
but on September 11, I was there
alone, surrounded by my
trees and flowers, watching the
towers come down.

Molly Ringwald's second book, When It Happens to You: A Novel in Stories (Harper Collins) came out on August 23,2012.
 Thanks for being such an inspiration!

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