Zombie Apocalypse

We got a little crazy with the cheese wiz this year for Halloween...(I don't know what that means but my brother says it so it must be cool!) We are usually so busy getting the kids ready for Halloween we don't have much time for creative costumes. A witch hat is my go-to most years. But all of the stars aligned this year for EPIC costumes for my hubby and me. So many people have been affected by Hurricane Sandy and we have felt separated from most of the devastation here in Utah, but as there often is, the silver lining to a hurricane is interrupted air travel. A "silver lining" you say?! Yep! My brother is a commercial airline pilot by day, but his real talent lies in scary Zombie make-up! He was a Music Dance Theatre major in College and ROCKED his theatre makeup class. He hasn't flown much in the last week because of the crazy flight cancellations. Soooo I got a call at 6:30 A.M. on Halloween from him offering his services. Did we want scary Zombie make-up? Uhh yes. By far the best part was the costumes were 100% FREE. I love that!! The clothes came from my thrift pile and the blood was a recipe I found online that is super simple. Our teenage boys thought we were Rock Stars (and they are not easily impressed.)  3 hours later we looked like this.... 

In case you can't remember what we look like in "Real Life Pre-Zombie Apocalypse"

Off to Mexico today to get some sun on our pale undead cheeks and sand between our rotted off toes.... 
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