I had the awesome {and by "awesome" I mean BIG and DAUNTING} opportunity to completely restyle, and decorate a family members house last week. They are trying to sell it and the feedback that they recieved was that the house looked "dated". It is only 12 years old. The problem was that the furniture placement and most of the linens light fixtures and accessories were dated. The house has beautiful light and a great floor plan. It just needed some updating. Of course the budget was VERY tight, but that never seems to scare me. I love a challenge. I found out they needed some help and jumped on a plane to Texas less than a week later. I had 4 1/2 days to work my magic on 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and breakfast area, dining room, family room and 3 bathrooms.
big breath....
        The Big Reveal
                  (I really felt like I was hosting my very own D.I.Y. show!)
***disclaimer: most of the "before" pictures came from the MLS...not great quality, but you get the idea

Family Room before:

                                          and after....

The Entry:

My intention was to paint this dresser, but the homeowner wanted to leave the natural wood so I framed a map I found in a vintage board game and added a few new and thrifted accessories. voila!

a new rug

vintage bag I found at the Goodwill for $3.99....a steal

The Kitchen/ Breakfast Room:

this table was FREE! I just painted and distressed it to add some color to a very beige kitchen.

still a few holes in the ceiling to fix...but what a difference from the lighting fixture before!

Here is a sneak peek of the rest of the house....

Coming soon.....

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  1. Great transformation! It all looks beautiful and well put together.

  2. I bet you enjoyed doing this! Everything looks great!

  3. Great pictures and ideas - Love to see you talent is getting play in other states!!